Movie Time: Following ~ A film by Christopher Nolan, 1988

A Chritopher Nolan's film

Erhem… First of all, I am not going to give some real deep interpretation/ criticizing this movie.
It’s more like a sharing, and I am going to share some lines I found interesting in this movie! Hehee…
( I really enjoyed this movie, very much!!!)
At first, I watched it for the sake of assignments (yeap typical film students…)
But in the end, I found myself deeply in love with this movie and I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s actually a very deep and dark movie…?
*Spoiler alert* As the bad guy gained freedom while the “good” guy became the scapegoat…
But wait! This is actually a very confusing movie, it doesn’t really give us a clear answer on who is the good and bad guy.
Everyone has different thoughts after watching this movie.
Like if Cobb is a real person or maybe he was just the young guy’s (his real name was never revealed) imaginations/ even lie.

At first, we are being told this story from the young guy’s point of view,
But at certain point, you will realise there are some scenes that wasn’t shown from his p.o.v.
The young guy was the one following peoples at first but it seems like he was also being followed by someone.
( Just like sometimes in life, you thought you were in control but it turns out not as what you thought.)
A really brain-twisting movie. Not only you have to arrange and figure out the plot, it makes you keep on thinking how should you deal with the clue he gave throughout the movie?
Who are real and who are fake? Should I believe in him?

For me, I choose to believe in the young guy and I felt deeply sorry for him.
For me, he is a like a lost person, lost his way in life, wandering everywhere just to makes his life seems more meaningful.
But he met this wrong guy.
Because of loneliness, he chose to believe in this guy, who he thought will rescue him from his despair and endless darkness which turn out making his life more despair.
He shouldn’t be the one receiving the punishment. All he want is to be like a normal person, having aim and meaning for his life.
Of course, you can look it another way. Maybe Cobb is not a real person, this young guy makes up everything. And this makes it a complete different story.
The different types of interpretations is what makes this movie interesting but what I like the most is how it depicts human and the way it interprets human’s behaviours.
It is so precise that I have goose bumps watching it.

Quotes sharing: teehee~

-How can I explain? Your eyes pass over the crowd, and if you let them settle on a person, then that person becomes an individual.
-You can tell a lot about people from their stuff.
-Everyone has a box.
-Each thing tells something very intimate about people.
It’s like a diary. They hide it, but actually they want someone to see it. That’s what I do.
-That’s what it’s all about- interrupting someone’s life, making them see all the things they took for granted.
-You take it away, and you show them what they got.
-Are we going to take anything; Anything your heart desires. But look, that is not the point, that is just work. This is what it’s all about being here, entering someone’ life, finding out who they are…just feel it- standing in someone’s kitchen, drinking their wine, someone you will never even meet.
-I’ll tell them everything and they will believe me because it’s the truth!

Every lines seems to have a hidden meanings and somehow they triggered something in my mind…
About human, life and… Following.

Following A Chritopher Nolan film

If you picture the story as a maze, you don’t want to be hanging above the maze, watching the characters make the wrong choices because it’s frustrating. You actually want to be in the maze with them, making them turns at their side, that keeps it more exciting… I quite like to be in that maze.
– Christopher Nolan
And he succeeded, making all of us in the maze…